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October Luncheon 2017

Threadneedle Street, EC2R 8JB

"The Digital revolution has barely started and is going to be terrifying for insurers.”

Richard Poole is a founding Partner at Fluxx, an innovation company that helps large companies harness the power of Digital technology.

Everyone is talking about Digital Transformation, with programmes in place in many insurers to adapt to new digital channels, leverage new consumer and IoT digital devices, adopt the cloud…but these technologies are just a tracer bullet compared to the fusillade of bigger and more disruptive technologies which are about to land in the heartland of insurance. We’ll discuss what these new technologies are, why and how they are going to radically change the insurance markets and what insurers and new entrants are doing to prepare for that future now.

Richard has been involved in Digital Transformation and financial services since the late 90s, leading one of Europe’s most successful Digital Agencies through the noughties and is the founding partner of Fluxx, a digital transformation company based in London. Over this time Richard and his team have worked on digital projects as diverse as Maclaren F1’s telemetry systems to the design of Tesco and John Lewis online services. In the last 5 years Richard has been deeply involved in the banking and insurance sector working with underwriters and brokers to create new digital services and businesses, as well as being an investor and advisor to a number of insuretech startups. Richard’s talk will draw on his experiences to date to highlight the challenges and opportunities that technology presents to Insurers and also the likely impact of emerging technologies on the sector.


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The Merchant Taylors' Hall

The Merchant Taylors' Hall, Threadneedle Street, EC2R 8JB


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